Implementing TPM: A Step-by-Step Guide for Business Success

Total Productive Maintenance seeks to achieve optimal production by minimising defects, downtime, stoppages, and accidents through equipment maintenance. TPM Implementation enables the shop floor to work together ensuring machines are functioning optimally. It can be hard to distinguish between regular operators and maintenance staff in a perfect lean production setup that practises TPM. 

This is because they are all actively involved in maintaining the machines, which leads to increased productivity, lower costs, improved quality, and extended machine lifespan. ARROWHEAD Consulting has some of the most experienced business consultants in Mumbai, where we provide the Best TPM services in Mumbai. 

More specifically, it seeks to ensure the proper functioning of the production floor by:

Explaining 8 Pillars of TPM 

TPM is structured around eight pillars, which are fundamental principles and activities that guide its implementation:

Pillar 1: Autonomous Maintenance (Jishu Hozen) 

This pillar emphasises the importance of involving equipment operators in the maintenance process. Operators are prepared to perform routine maintenance tasks like cleaning, oiling, inspecting, and minor repairs. By assigning operators to care for their equipment, TPM reduces breakdowns and ensures equipment operates at peak performance.

Pillar 2: Focused Improvement (Kobetsu Kaizen) 

Focused Improvement encourages teams to identify and address chronic equipment-related issues that lead to losses in production. This pillar promotes problem-solving and continuous improvement methodologies like Kaizen to drive efficiency gains and reduce losses.

Pillar 3: Quality Maintenance (Hinshitsu Hozen) 

Quality Maintenance aims to eliminate defects and ensure that products meet quality standards from the outset. It addresses equipment accuracy, reliability, and precision issues to reduce defects and rework.

Pillar 4: Planned Maintenance 

Planned Maintenance involves systematic and scheduled equipment inspections and maintenance activities. It helps prevent unexpected breakdowns by identifying potential issues before they become major problems. This pillar promotes using maintenance schedules, checklists, and predictive maintenance techniques.

Pillar 5: Early Equipment Maintenance

Early Equipment Management incorporates maintenance considerations during the design and procurement of new equipment. It aims to immediately ensure that new equipment is reliable, maintainable, and efficient, reducing future maintenance challenges.

Pillar 6: Education & Training

The Education and Training pillar emphasizes the importance of continuously developing the skills and knowledge of employees involved in TPM. Well-trained teams are better equipped to implement TPM practices effectively and make informed decisions about equipment maintenance.

Pillar 7: Safety, Health, Environment

Safety, health, and environmental concerns are integrated into the TPM framework to ensure that maintenance activities do not compromise the well-being of employees or the environment. TPM consultants in Mumbai seek to create a safe and environmentally responsible workplace.

Pillar 8: Administrative and Office TPM

This pillar extends TPM principles beyond productivity and into administrative and office processes. It aims to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance the productivity of office-related functions such as document management, data entry, and communication.

How ARROWHEAD can help organisations with TPM implementation

Defining Goals: Announcing TPM implementation plan

For TPM implementation, ARROWHEAD Consulting strongly suggests hands-on inclusion of all levels at client from shop floor up to senior management. Often, management needs to overcome employee resistance to change and scepticism about the benefits of TPM. Clear communication of the company’s intentions and regular discussion of the benefits of TPM can help break down these barriers. ARROWHEAD experts do this by conducting basic TPM introductory training sessions and recommend all levels across production – maintenance – QA – management to attend these.  

Pilot TPM: Identifying Problematic Area

Our team of TPM consultants in Mumbai prioritise improving a piece of equipment or a production area that has been problematic in order to enhance profitability quickly. During the first stage of the TPM implementation, we establish SMART goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time bound.

Focus on Training Equipment Operators and Maintaining Equipment

Once the pilot area has been identified, a baseline standard for current productivity is recorded, and ARROWHEAD Consulting organises a plan for TPM implementation. Classic 5S methodology is used to Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise, and Sustain the improvements. Our TPM consultants in Mumbai prioritise autonomous maintenance and provide operator training as needed.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) 

OEE measures equipment efficiency by considering three key factors: availability, performance, and quality. It provides valuable insights into equipment performance and where improvements are needed. In TPM, OEE is a central KPI used to assess the effectiveness of maintenance and operational activities. ARROWHEAD consultants hand-hold implementation of OEE across every work centre and ensure the core concept of OEE is well understood that can propel a cultural change from conventional production to a TPM based work floor. 

Implement Proactive Maintenance: Prevention of Breakdowns 

In this step, our team of TPM consultants in Mumbai lay strong emphasis on preventing breakdowns or stop times. We identify equipment failure risks and schedule preventative maintenance. This allows us to monitor the program’s effectiveness continuously. Maintenance logs, monthly or bi-monthly audits, and data compilation from thermography or vibration analysis are some feedback systems we use to achieve this.

ARROWHEAD Consulting TPM Services 

Total Productive Management is a management style, and a cultural reform companies adopt to achieve Six Sigma excellence. To implement it effectively, it should be done in a structured manner. Leading corporations choose TPM consulting and training to enhance their results. ARROWHEAD Consulting, a Business growth consultancy in Mumbai, helps you achieve your lean Six Sigma objectives and tread a successful path of continuous improvement.