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ARROWHEAD is a consulting services firm with emphasis on reducing all LEAN wastes and improving consistency through Six-Sigma concepts.

By reducing Lean waste, you can remove all non-value added activities thereby improving speed of reaching your customer at better margin and by improving consistency you are able to meet customer demand in terms of quality expected.

We are based in Mumbai, India with clients spread across USA, UK, India and S.E. Asia.

We offer consulting services in form of short and long term Project work and also offer Lean Six-Sigma Training programs certified by a USA based world recognized authority.


Inspire companies to simplify business models for maximum impact.


ARROWHEAD aspires to work with companies sincere about embracing Lean and Six-Sigma in reducing internal costs and improving consistency in sync with needs of their customer.


These are divided into short term (individual session based) and long-term contracts (annual).

Short term projects are typically session based ranging from 2 days to few weeks. These are well planned with plenty of home work done prior to the session.

Annual contracts encapsulate multiple projects where we can use LSS concepts in tandem looking at entire business model from order-2-cash. Projects in such case can pan across all internal departments.


We offer assorted basket of training modules (scope/duration) for your employees across fundamentals of Lean Six-Sigma that enables building a culture around continuous improvement within your business.

These modules range from 4 hours for basic understanding to 180-hour duration in case of Black-Belt level training.

All trainings are certified by US based and world-recognized governing council for Lean Six-Sigma.


Redefining Efficiency Through Global Standards Of Implementation

ARROWHEAD Consulting was founded on the main premise that LEAN and Six-Sigma concepts are implemented using best in class principles and standards of professionalism.

We help corporates, educational institutes and NGOs around the globe to tread a successful Lean Six-Sigma journey. For more information on Lean Six Sigma Check out our learning cenetr here.


Total Hours Of Training Imparted


Total Kaizen Days


Total Projects Carried Out To Date


Value-Stream Mapping Session


Number Of Countries Projects Implemented


Implementation experience across multiple sectors in service & manufacturing domains.


Implementation is catered to fit & optimise your needs by balancing projects and training in perfect proportion.


Projects can be enabled remotely as well as onsite.

Training is done online due to current safety precautions and COVID-19 restrictions.


Reducing 8 Lean Wastes results in removing non-value added activities from your process.
Improving consistency through Six-Sigma methodology reduces variation in product/service.

Combining concepts of Lean and Six-Sigma will ensure your product/service is delivered quicker with higher consistency to your end customer.