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Organizations have dedicated maintenance and support departments, and they are primarily responsible for ensuring that all equipment owned and managed by the organization is at its peak operating capacity.

TPM in business brings about a paradigm shift in how equipment is handled and maintained to improve this.

TPM in Lean Six Sigma
What exactly is TPM in Lean Six Sigma?
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a product maintenance strategy that advocates that everyone should participate in maintenance beyond just the maintenance department. TPM strategy uses all employees’ skill sets and aims to integrate maintenance tasks into an organization’s daily operations.
  • In other words, TPM lean manufacturing is a holistic approach to equipment maintenance that strives to achieve perfect production with the following:
    • ZERO Breakdowns
    • No Small Stops or Slow Running versus rated capacity
    • ZERO Defects
    • ZERO Accidents

How will ARROWHEAD TPM Consulting Help Your Organization’s Management?

TPM emphasizes a proactive and preventive maintenance style to improve equipment efficiency.

TPM manufacturing

TPM emphasizes a proactive and preventive maintenance style to improve equipment efficiency. TPM manufacturing blurs the difference between the roles in an organization and sets a strong priority on empowering operators to help maintain the equipment they use.


ARROWHEAD TPM Consulting encourages total productive maintenance principles for everyone from top management to operators. If everyone contributes evenly, work would be a lot smoother in terms of machine uptime, cost and quality.

Foundation of TPM Lean Six Sigma

TPM implementation needs well implemented 5S as a foundation. 5S strives to create an environment in the workplace that is clean and well-organized. ARROWHEAD also implements 5S to make the workplace organized and ready to embrace TPM philosophy.

5S creates a footing for equipment success and TPM in lean manufacturing.

Where does 5S begin?

These are the 5 steps involved in making your facility a completely 5S environment.

1. Sort: We help to eliminate unnecessary things in the work area

2. Straighten: We show you how to organize remaining items

3. Shine: After that, cleaning and inspection are done thereby creating a totally new look

4. Standardize: Creating ideas and standards for performing the above three activities regularly

5. Sustain: Ensuring the standards are maintained no matter what. This may need some innovative storage, material movement solutions.

Advantages of TPM Lean Six Sigma

Fewer Breakdowns as a result of Operator & Technician awareness.

A proactive management approach & fewer breakdowns mean a safer workplace.

As the efficiency of the lean manufacturing unit improves, so does the performance.

Implementing TPM

Total Productive management isn’t some management style; it is a cultural reform for companies striving for six sigma excellence. It needs to be smartly implemented in a structured fashion. Therefore, top corporations opt for TPM consulting and TPM training to improve their outcomes. ARROWHEAD TPM Consulting in India ensures that your lean six sigma goals are attained.



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