Best Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services in Mumbai

Lean Six Sigma Consulting in Mumbai
  • Lean Six Sigma is designed to eliminate problems, remove non-value waste and inefficiency, and enhance working conditions to satisfy customers’ demands.
  • This method combines tools and concepts of both Lean Manufacturing, and Six Sigma principles. This collective methodology can eliminate all 8 Leans wastes within your entire business model while assuring consistency of quality in production and organizational processes
  • Lean six sigma’s team-oriented approach has proven results in maximizing business efficiency and profit. This is why many companies prefer seeking professional help by taking Lean Six Sigma consulting services and enjoying its benefits.

What are the benefits of implementing Lean Six Sigma Management?

Well-Planned Strategies

Most businesses suffer financially due to bad strategies-Strategies that are expensive and ineffective. But opting for DMAIC – the problem-solving approach that drives Lean Six Sigma helps improve the processes.

Identifies all lean wastes and instances of process variation

Every lean six sigma journey begins with unearthing all lean wastes across your entire process from order placement to dispatch or delivery of goods/service. During this study ARROWHEAD experts will also find every instance where variation in output exists due to process gaps.

5 Phases of DMAIC approach

5 Phases of DMAIC approach

These five stages within a project implementation help streamline procedures that allow the business to provide services/products faster, reduce variations, improve the quality of work, and enable efficiency.

Increase in Revenue

Lean Six Sigma Management removes several procedures that waste time and money, which helps to streamline operations and allows systems to work at a greater pace.

Increase in Efficiency

As a result, quality of work and services gets better, and the elimination of unnecessary steps helps lower costs. A company can utilize the workforce more efficiently with the help of the lean six sigma method. When combined, all this results in increased profitability.

Lowers Costs

Integrating Lean Six Sigma into business processes enables cost reduction by eliminating the weak and unwanted steps and procedures that bloat your costs within the system.

Fast Work Delivery

Lean waste management increases the speed of work delivery, and it helps increase profitability as the customer is satisfied with the speedy service and opens opportunities to conduct more projects. Grow your business with the support of our lean six sigma experts.

What will you get from ARROWHEAD’s Lean Six Sigma Consulting service?

Our experts as lean six sigma consultants (Black Belts and Master Black Belt levels) are well experienced and certified in this field. They have worked across several countries and multiple sectors to help clients embed these concepts into their business models. ARROWHEAD’s consultants will assess an organization’s entire operations/business model to create multiple opportunities for improvements with concise strategies that will help increase efficiency, improve turnaround time and most importantly lower costs.

How ARROWHEAD’s Lean Six Sigma will benefit employees of your organization

Upskilled team members

Certification in Lean Six Sigma helps employees to improve their skillsets and personality. An employee’s ability to manage crises and develop novel solutions will increase the company’s chances of fast growth and develop a healthy competitive work culture.

Increased chances of promotion

Elevated skillsets mean chances of getting promoted to a higher position with a bigger role to play and wider set of responsibilities without hiring from outside. Certification in Lean Six Sigma can greatly influence this opportunity.

Strengthen Reputation

Certification in Lean Six Sigma builds any employee’s reputation and opens the door to many opportunities for the future. Customers view Lean Six Sigma certification as a commitment to in terms of quality, time, and cost.

You can also opt for virtual Lean Six Sigma consulting services and scale your company. ARROWHEAD – a Lean Six Sigma consulting services firm in Mumbai, has been playing an active role for long and has transformed Corporates, Educational Institutions, and NGOs around the globe to tread a successful Lean Six Sigma journey.



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